• Feasibility studies,
  • Studies of returns on investment,
  • Technical and legislative due diligence,
  • Estimates on building longevity,
  • Identification of technical and legislative risks threatening investment projects,
  • Valuations of investment projects and projects under construction,
  • Supervisory activities and external inspection of project documentation for the issuance of zoning decisions and construction permits,
  • Supervision of construction engineering activities at the zoning decision, construction permit and realization phases,
  • Certificate of energy performance for buildings drawn up in line with the requirements and methods set out under Decree No. 148/2007 Coll.,
  • Drawing up energy audits in accordance with Act No. 406/2000 Coll., as amended, or with Decree No. 213/2001 Coll., or Decree No. 425/2004 Coll.,
  • Optimizing a building’s energy consumption.