Design and construction engineering activity:

  • Designing electrical equipment without voltage restrictions in Class A buildings in accordance with Section 10, Decree No. 50/1978 Coll.,
  • Performing technical inspections during assembly of electrical equipment,

Consultancy on property rights – large-scale infrastructure and energetics projects

Considering the fact that all planned large-scale (long-distance) infrastructure projects are complicated by the inevitable negotiations with property holders, which most project design offices entrusted with the delivery of statutory licences are unable to resolve, we are offering our strategic negotiation service with landowners, which includes formulating alternative approaches based on our considerable negotiating experience as well as our detailed knowledge of the Building Act (Act No. 183/2006 Coll.) and the Expropriation Act (Act No. 184/2006 Coll.).

  • Resolving individual problems with property holders affected by the project, including the entering into of contracts to establish an encumbrance upon the property,
  • Comprehensive solutions as part of expropriation procedures pursuant to Act No. 184/2006 Coll., Sb., on the withdrawal or restriction of ownership to land or a building,
  • Preparation of suggestions in relation to prepared amendments to the Expropriation Act (Act No. 184/2006 Coll., on the withdrawal or restriction of ownership to land or a building).